„Alongside our private relationship, what also connects me to Eberhard Kowatsch is the high standard that we place on our work. Sky-high prices and mediocre work don’t exist at our ordination. We stand for the highest achievable quality. I enjoy being there for our patients – and I love to see the joy and the happiness that we are able to give them with the help of modern dentistry.“

  • DDR. Irene Kowatsch, born in Wagna/Leibnitz
  • Human medicine studies in Vienna and Graz
  • Promotion 2003 to dr.med.univ. at the University Clinic Graz
  • Stay abroad in Finland
  • Specialist training as a doctor for general medicine at the University Clinic Graz
  • Emergency doctor training in 2007
  • Promotion to dr.med.dent. at the University Clinic Graz in 2013
  • Private practice in Klagenfurt/Ebenthal since 2013
  • Specialises in: implantology, aesthetic dentistry, veneers
  • Advanced training diploma from the ÖZAK for ZMK and implantology