Mouth, jaw and facial surgery


This area of ​​dentistry is one of the most important and at the same time one of our focal points. It includes diagnostics and therapy, both functional and aesthetic rehabilitation from diseases, injuries and malformations of the teeth, oral cavity, jaw and face.

The most important procedures are:

•   Implantology (diagnosis, consultation, planning, execution, aftercare)

•   Bone augmentation (development of new bone layers in preparation for further restoration)

•   Removal of wisdom teeth, impacted canines

•   Root tip resection

•   Removal of cysts

•   Vestibuloplasty (the mucous membrane over the jaw ridge is enlarged to provide better support for prostheses)

Before any intervention, there is a comprehensive consultation, of course. Your advantage: we always take enough time for you because we are aware that dental decisions are important decisions. In addition to all our medical skills and the most modern technology, the personal component and human factor are the absolute priority at our ordination.