Computer navigated implant surgery


X-ray diagnostics and planning of dental implants has been standard in dentistry for decades, but it only provides two-dimensional images that have to be interpreted by the dentist.

A modern alternative to manually inserted implants is computer-assisted implantation. This enables the precise planning of implants and the use of so-called drilling templates, which make the whole procedure easier and take into account and protect individual anatomical structures.

Since the computer-assisted implantation of dental implants is minimally invasive, in many cases we can do without cutting open the gums, which means that the procedure causes significantly fewer side effects (swelling, bruising).

Another big advantage is that the digital planning data can be sent to our dental technicians before the procedure and they can already make the definitive superstructure (crowns, bridges), which ideally enables a teeth-in-one-hour treatment to be possible.