Bone augmentation


Periodontitis or prolonged toothlessness can lead to a deterioration of the so-called “aveolar ridge”. This normally carries our teeth; however, if this bone has receded too much, bone augmentation treatment is required before implants can be placed.

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•  Bone augmentation with the body’s own bone material has proven itself in countless cases.

•  The “sinus lift” affects the molars of the upper jaw. In this procedure, bone replacement material is introduced into the maxillary sinus under local anesthetics, thus thickening the bony floor of the maxillary sinus from the inside.

•  If larger amounts of bone are required, exogenous bone material is used, which is milled out extremely precisely from a block using CAD/CAM technology and is also inserted under local anesthesia.

•  Only a few specialists have mastered the “iliac crest bone graft”, in which a piece of the pelvic bone is removed and used to build up bone in the jaw, but under general anesthesia and under stationary conditions in a clinic.