Modern dental implants, i.e. artificial tooth roots, are the decisive basis for numerous forms of dentures, such as crowns or bridges. The wide variety of different systems and materials that are on the market makes personal advice more important than ever. A lot of dentists can place implants, but what really counts is our 20 year long experience.

Because we can look back at so many of our successful treatments and long-term studies, we are guaranteed to develop the optimal solution for you. In case that we face special challenges, we have the support of modern computer-navigated implantology, which is predictably precise, makes it unnecessary to cut open the mucous membrane, reduces treatment time and, in many cases, allows immediate prosthetic fitting.

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With the All-on-4 method, which we have been using for more than 15 years, a fixed bridge or bar for fixing a delicate prosthesis can be anchored in the jaw with a minimum of four implants.